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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey all! 

We've had a lot of you call in or message us with questions. We're going to do our best to compile the most common ones here! 


--> I'm having trouble finding items in my size, and I can't sort the inventory online by size?

Click the magnifying glass at the top right of any page. Simply search the full word for the size you desire in the search bar. Example: If you want all size M items to populate, search 'Medium'. If you're looking for a particular size of bottoms, search 'Size #' and everything we have available in that size will come up! 


--> How do I know when my order is ready for curbside pickup?

Once we gather everything for you from your order, and process it on our end, you will receive an email with an order number in your inbox! 

--> What do I do when it's time to pick up my order? 

Give us a buzz at 412-358-0330, and have your order number ready when you call. You'll just pull up and pop your trunk, we'll load in your items, and you'll be on your way!